Wedding Planning & Wedding Invitations – 3

Wedding planners and event managers have a social responsibility in giving their best in keeping the weddings and events they manage as clean and pollution free as possible. Avoiding wastage of food is also a moral responsibility of every event planner. It is not just about sticking to a budget and proper planning. Other aspects like going in for eco friendly products and options too fall into a wedding planner’s purview.
Complete cooperation from the client is also mandatory to implement waste management. For example the concept of saving paper is a much talked about idea. E – invites are a great idea. But not many want to do away with the printed format since e invites may not be practically accessible by all.
Looking at what best can be done in minimising the wastage of paper led to the manufacture of seed paper and printing of invites on these seed paper. Wedding planners need to take the initiative in popularising this concept.
The invitations printed on seed paper can be dissolved in water and planted in a pot to blossom into a plant post the evetrees then such options have to be nt . The idea behind this concept is so beautiful that every client should be encouraged to use this format.
Otherwise lakhs of invitations get printed every year and go into the bin post the event. Although there are certain constraints with the seed paper in terms of color, design and grandeur aspect the wonderful concept underlying it makes it very attractive at the end. If we are to save paper and in turn save on cutting down on trees then such options has to be popularised by wedding planners amongst clients.

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