Wedding Planning : Importance of Muhurtham

As wedding planners we are often given the task of fixing auspicious dates and time for the conduct of a wedding or event. Every individual looks forward to the successful completion of any happy occasion/ task undertaken minus the presence of untoward incidents and negative energy.


Muhurtham refers to an unit of measurement of time that is preferred to perform/ start an important event / action in life.  Muhurtham is the auspicious time in a day that helps to harmonize your energies with those in nature increasing your percentage of success in the venture undertaken. This time is calculated based on the planetary positions in relation to one’s horoscope. A Muhurtham is said to comprise of 2 Ghadiyas or 48 minutes approximately. 


The effect of  radiation on all terrestrial phenomena is an accepted scientific fact.That this was discovered by our ancestors long ago is testimony enough of their superior intelligence. We all know that the gravitational forces  between the planets in the solar system have a certain influence on the living & non – living things on earth.


Low tides & high tides are due to the influence of the waning and waxing of the Moon. It is a well known fact that the Sun’s rays has a certain effect on the biological process and the moon plays an important role in our psychological activities. So when the auspicious time is arrived at, it is believed that the positive energy prevailing at that time is ideal in contributing to the success of the task on hand.


In fact this is the reason why our elders insist on rising early in the morning – to reap the benefits of the Brahma Muhurtham which is the early hours of the sun rise when the rays radiated by the sun is said to possess special  qualities that activate the brain cells and help in increasing the positive energy in us to perform better. The electric and magnetic energy in the body when activated at this time provides you with extra powers of discerning, grasping and clarity of thought.



A lot of thought goes into the fixing of the Muhurtham for a wedding keeping in mind five important aspects –  the Vara [ week day ],Thithi [ lunar day ],Nakshatram [ Stars], Yogam  & Karana. Hindus are more likely to stress on this factor than non – hindus. Although the traditions and rituals are aplenty and varied when you take the various Hindu communities, the underlying factor is that they stick to a particular time slot as the auspicious time.


While the initial proceedings and rituals related to a wedding usually begin at any time other than ‘Raahu Kaalam’ or ‘Yama Kandam” the more important aspects of a traditional wedding are performed during the Muhurtham time only.

As event managers we ensure the smooth functioning of all aspects to have the successful completion of wedding rituals within the said time.

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