Perks of EVENT MANAGEMENT as a profession

Event Management is one profession that introduces you to multitude of traditions, cultures, practices and rituals panning several religions and communities. Every event is different. There are no two similar weddings or birthdays.

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As event planners we are exposed to not only new people but find it a learning experience each time helping us to widen our knowledge about things around us.

Sandiya Weds Sathishkumar-1095It leaves one with a sense of pride and humility at the same time.  Pride when you realize what a rich tradition lies behind our Indian Culture .
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Humility when you realize  we are yet to gather knowledge about these diverse traditions fully and are dealing with or executing a minuscule part of it.
That is why as wedding planners we are ready to accept any challenge thrown at us in terms of wedding planning and event management.
At times we hardly have time to organize for the most strange requirements of the client. When we finally manage to source it the sense of satisfaction and happiness is immense.
Most of the props seen here have been passed down the generations and hold a lot of antique value attached to them.
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 As event managers the challenge is more when we have multicultural weddings. There is a need to balance between two different sets of rituals in order to have the event conducted smoothly. Therefore a lot of research and discussion between the clients and the purohits is necessary.
All the  necessary items have to be supplied at the appropriate time and as wedding planners are in a state of full preparedness to bring the event to a great conclusion.
Be it the type of people we meet or the rituals we come in touch with or the different venues we are exposed to – nothing can compensate this rich experience we receive as event managers.

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