Wedding Planner’s Role As A Facilitator

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A wedding planner’s job doesn’t necessarily have to be on the day/s of the event. A wedding planner has to coordinate all aspects of a wedding, which includes helping the bride with her wedding trousseau as well . Wedding planning  begins well in advance especially when the bride lands here the week before the wedding. Right from her trousseau shopping to jewelry designing and blouse designing it is an excited frenzy of activities.

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Indian weddings involve a lot of dress changes for a bride and any bride would want the best in terms of design and color combinations. It becomes difficult when the bride lands up at the last minute and has to take the help of the wedding planners to organise everything.

The wedding planner has to hire the services of fine professionals to get the designing / tailoring done to the full satisfaction of the client. Perfect coordination and great detailing is required to get right execution
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They communicate weeks  ahead of the wedding with the client and understand their preferences and see to it that all their criteria is met with. Constant updates through mail or whatsapp is done for follow up. The wedding planner should ensure that the final completion of the dresses  or blouses is carried out as soon as the bride lands for the wedding . There is no place for any mistakes and excellent coordination is required from the side of the wedding planner in suggesting options for last minute glitches.WhatsApp Image 2018-07-08 at 6.17.30 PM (6)