BABY SHOWER – Creative Event Management at its BEST

As wedding planners and event managers we at Haritham Events  look for challenges in every event. It doesn’t matter if an event is big or small. The scope it offers to us in terms of effective and creative event management is that which motivates us to take it up.

When it comes to event planning of a Baby Shower ( which looks to be  pretty simple in terms of organizing things when compared to weddings) we realised that we had more than a handful  to look for.

Our client wanted every bit of detail to be coordinated to a theme – right from the invite, color of the decor, the props,  dress code of invitees, return gifts and the cake.  It was one of the most satisfying and amazingly beautiful event we put together as event planners.

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The base theme was to be a Baby Elephant. The card was custom made – a cute lil baby elephant  in shades of yellow and grey.  All the props were made to order in yellow. Right from the elephant themed hangings to the color of balloons everything was matched to perfection.
SriSanta_Seemandam-600 SriSanta_Seemandam-587
The return gifts were thoughtfully selected – handmade soaps  crafted to resemble tiny baby aids like a feeding bottle, pram, rattle etc. for the women and cute little LEGO sets for the men.
SriSanta_Seemandam-621 SriSanta_Seemandam-639
Since the gender of the Baby was known – boy – the return gift bags had to  be sourced in  blue and had to look special. As event managers nothing gives us more joy than to scout for the impossible and give the event a touch of our signature creativity.
Not to forget the beautifully designed ‘Good Wishes ‘ book and the specially designed fondant cake in flavors loved by the mother – to – be. Topped of course with a baby elephant figurrette.
No event is complete without the funny props that go to make an event enjoyable  and hilarious. It was a wonderful evening  filled with laughter as the games that we had organised progressed. Of course one of the games had to be about pinning the elephant’s tail.
Our client had handpicked the tasty gourmet spread that wound up the evening. What seemed to be a simple function had our adrenaline pumping as we put together fine details with a lot of imaginative thinking to give the parents to be an awesome event to remember forever.
Our client’s joy knew no bounds at the success of the event and as event managers we couldn’t have asked for anything more.

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