Can Events at Home Be Done In A Novel Way ?

Event planning or Wedding Planning is all about sensible planning. There is a misconception that any event – whether it is a pre wedding sangeet or post wedding thanksgiving party – must be done at a designated venue like a hotel or banquet hall to get the desired effect and grandeur.
We have clients telling us about having budget constraints to hold a sangeet or Mehndi function in a hotel and are clueless about handling the situation. As event managers we reassure them that there is no need to be apologetic about having a function at home within a limited space. It s all about how we shape the event within limited means and space that matters.
For example if there is an independent house with some compound space then we suggest putting up a shamiana and hold the function outside. If it is a flat then it is bound to have a terrace. With prior permission from fellow occupants a  beautiful party can be arranged at any time there
As event planners we look to manage contingencies too. In case of hot weather then fans or air coolers solve the issue. In case it rains and the event cannot be held outdoors, then we have to come up  with a plan to do it within the house.

Event management is all about managing resources effectively.  If some budget can be spared for decor then we suggest decorating the terrace or house with real flower bouquets. Else artificial flowers are always there. We also use drapes that can really enhance the ambiance.We can rearrange the furniture in the house to give a spacious look.

Again with what is available in the house in terms of props and vantage points we try to do our decor with those points. Simple and elegant decor can make the place stand out. Use of simple props like huge frames hung from the ceiling beautiful decorated really add color and brightens up the place.
Innovative lighting inside the house like using tiny serial lights in empty  glass bottles can pep up the atmosphere amazingly. Lighting up of candles in glass bowls filled with water and sprinkled with petals can make a place look very attractive

A good music system and well edited songs of your choice is all that is needed to create the perfect atmosphere.


Food is a very  important part of Event planning. If there is space constraints then planning a menu where people can serve themselves like chaat varieties, juices and beverages and ice cream cups stored in temporary freezers, salads and fruits can make way for innovative food spread.
As event managers we see to it that as afar as possible disposables are used. otherwise it is a cumbersome task to provide for cutlery and other containers. Avoid food that are messy and take a long time to prepare.
As wedding planners we have experience to transform any pace into a beautiful  venue for an events. Given the freedom and cooperation that we need the client can be rest assured that the best Event Management team is at work and look forward to a great event.


Event management is one profession that is in great demand now. In general people tend to think that wedding planning or event planning is easy money.  All it takes is to get a client, google out all their requirements, put it together, make some quick profit and that’s it.


Well event management is not just that. If event managers had to do only that then no one would need them at all. Of course, there are clients with time constraints or physical constraints who require an event manager to put things together no matter how simple the task is or how much ever they are charged for it.


The real challenge in event management is getting to balance between the budget and the client’s requirement.

For these two elements are always poles apart in almost every event and it takes a lot of tact and practical knowledge to work out means to give the best within the specified amount. Every client has a budget. And expects the world of services out of it. As event managers, it is our duty to make them feel that the best is being provided to them within their means.

MGM decor-6

In event management one has no right to question or pass judgement on the budget of the client. Every client has a constraint. Instead it will help to make them understand the assorted options they can go far and replace the more expensive options. This can happen only if the event planner is well versed in the market scenario of what is available where and the pricing.


The challenge lies in making available the best within a budget. This requires fresh and innovative thinking on the part of the wedding planner. Providing elegant and beautiful options is that which makes the job of an event manager an art.

MGM decor-16

If one kind of decor is expensive then the event planner has to look at using different flowers or drapes and bring in the lighting to give a great effect.


Likewise, if vegetables are seasonal then the menu options should have suitable dishes to make the menu interesting and tasty to the guest.


Likewise, in every aspect of event planning modifications can be made to bring our brilliant creations. All it requires is the passion and sincerity on the part of the event planner to make the event special and exclusive.

There is no fun in being given a big budget and getting things done in that. The real test in event management  lies in doing a great job within a limited budget.



Perks of EVENT MANAGEMENT as a profession

Event Management is one profession that introduces you to multitude of traditions, cultures, practices and rituals panning several religions and communities. Every event is different. There are no two similar weddings or birthdays.

 Neena Wesds Anish-16 Neena Wesds Anish-20


As event planners we are exposed to not only new people but find it a learning experience each time helping us to widen our knowledge about things around us.

Sandiya Weds Sathishkumar-1095It leaves one with a sense of pride and humility at the same time.  Pride when you realize what a rich tradition lies behind our Indian Culture .
Sandiya Weds Sathishkumar-1097

Sandiya Weds Sathishkumar-1098

Humility when you realize  we are yet to gather knowledge about these diverse traditions fully and are dealing with or executing a minuscule part of it.
That is why as wedding planners we are ready to accept any challenge thrown at us in terms of wedding planning and event management.
At times we hardly have time to organize for the most strange requirements of the client. When we finally manage to source it the sense of satisfaction and happiness is immense.
Most of the props seen here have been passed down the generations and hold a lot of antique value attached to them.
ari&Kadir_KeralaNeena Wesds Anish-19
 As event managers the challenge is more when we have multicultural weddings. There is a need to balance between two different sets of rituals in order to have the event conducted smoothly. Therefore a lot of research and discussion between the clients and the purohits is necessary.
All the  necessary items have to be supplied at the appropriate time and as wedding planners are in a state of full preparedness to bring the event to a great conclusion.
Be it the type of people we meet or the rituals we come in touch with or the different venues we are exposed to – nothing can compensate this rich experience we receive as event managers.