Wedding Decor- Spare More Than Just a Thought! 


The visual appeal of any event is based on the decor of the venue. The venue could be big or small – that does not matter in the least bit. What matters is how aesthetically or imaginatively the available space is used to make it a visual delight in the most amazing manner. Many have the misconception that grandeur – read heavy decor – spells beauty. To them all available elements in terms of material – be it flowers , drapes, crystals , props etc – have to be put together like a film set. As Event Managers and Wedding Planners  we have had to convince many a client to get this idea off their head. Our foremost business is to make them realise that what they should opt for is dependent on many factors like  the available space, crowd expected, style of wedding, bridal costumes of the couple, weather conditions etc.


Decor is not just about looking at sample photographs and choosing the one that appeals to you. Deeper thought has to go into visualizing if the chosen idea will practically serve your purposeOne of the major elements where quite a bit of budget allocation is required is décor. But the general awareness on the importance of decor at wedding cannot be said to be great. While the rich see the décor as a means to showcase their financial standing, budget weddings most of the time go with the concept that ‘more is nice’. The element of suitability and elegance is completely lost in the melee.

Indian Weddings are all about a riot of colors in every aspect – be it in dressing, decor, venue or even food for that matter. What astounds people from other countries is the sheer variety that weddings in India bring along with them. There is nothing staid or solemn and everywhere there is grandeur and gaiety. But at times this concept is taken a little beyond the normal limits making the wedding venue look garish and an eye sore.


Wedding decor can be simple yet beautiful. Keep in mind the traditions and rituals involved in the wedding before getting carried away by the grandest of back drops shown to you by the decorator. Most Indian weddings have the havan or agni as part of the Muhurtham. Therefore avoid using too many drapes during the muhurtham time since it is dangerous on all counts.

As wedding planners our advice is always to keep the stage décor as practical as possible considering the number of people who are going to be on and off the stage in a normal Indian wedding. Another important aspect that people often forget when they view the stage design or décor in photographs is – what you are looking at or the image that you see on Google is merely an empty stage devoid of people. So do not get carried away. Take a minute to fill up that image with your relatives and friends and then check if the décor will be suitable for your style of wedding and the related rituals.

Many elements that are part of the stage décor may get blocked or go unseen completely by people standing in front of them. Why spend a bomb on something that is not going to be seen or noticed by the larger audience. If you are looking for the stage to be set up for the main wedding / muhurtham where a number of rituals will take place ensure you give enough seating space – for the couple, the priests, the agni, parents’ of the couple and other close and important relatives and friends. Ensure that there are less number of pillars.

Too much crowding will not allow the wedding photographers and videographers any space to capture the couple at their candid best. Over crowding is only going to make everyone irritable. If you are looking for good candid photography make sure the atmosphere is pleasant and comfortable.

Pillars look great in sample images without people being present. They give a sense of grandeur and clients are generally tempted to opt for them without taking into account other factors that are mentioned below. Too many pillars not only constrict the space but also hamper movement. Pillars also hamper viewing pleasure of the audience since the available space between the pillars is already taken up by the mass of the immediate family on stage. Pillars can be unstable leading to shaky moments and panic when people tend to lean on them not realizing they are temporary structures.

Another important aspect of decor is paying attention to color combinations – especially for the reception or engagement sections where a number of group photos on the stage will be the order of the day. Ensure that the back ground decor and the costume of the couple are in harmony and not a jarring contrast. One cannot have the bridal couple in bright blue combination and the background in a jarring orange color. The background decor should be very pleasant to the eye and set off the group photos to give a good visual treat.

Avoid use of plastic or artificial flowers. Opt for natural flowers even if scarcely used. Plastic flowers give a cheap look. Use natural fibers like choir or bamboo or wood to create an elegant look. Create the ideal pic in your mind with the couple on stage and the ideal back drop for them. While warm colors like yellow red and orange look beautiful during the day time shades of pink, silver & white add up as good back ground colors for an evening reception.

As wedding planners we are always witness to the happenings on stage especially certain disasters that can be avoided with a little bit of prior thinking. Ensure that the steps leading to the stage are sturdy and well supported. Any uncovered gap is an open invite for disaster to occur. Especially when you have elderly people coming up to wish the couple. Even while instructing the decorators spare no effort to make the stage guest friendly keeping in mind their safety. As event managers we always inspect the stage after the decorator has finished for signs of left over board pins or nails. Have them removed immediately.


Another important aspect of Indian weddings as far as the reception goes is the long queue of guests and the gifts they present while greeting the couple. Despite knowing what to expect we find both families un equipped to face the situation. Get proper boxes set up on the sides of the stage (away from the camera’s eye) to stock and pack the gifts received. Do not keep dumping the gifts right behind the seating arrangements made for the couple for it looks very odd when spotted in group photos.

As wedding planners we try to be as eco friendly as possible when choosing the decor design. For after a few hours the entire set up is going to be dismantled and thrown away. Let us ensure that we do not contribute to the already heavy load of garbage that is produced at every wedding in terms of kitchen and food waste.

A little bit of thought and simple guidelines followed can make your stage décor stand out brilliantly and help you achieve the finesse and beauty that one always desires.

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