What does it to take to be amongst the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai?

A lot of creativity, imagination, market awareness, sensible planning, right attitude to work  and ability to provide complete customer satisfaction. At Haritham Events we get involved in every assignment – big or small – with a lot of passion and involvement.
The prime aspect of a wedding planner is to give the best of options within a budget – the client’s budget. So it takes a lot of intelligent planning based on an enormous amount of knowledge accumulated .The repository of information available with a wedding planner has to be huge. It is of no use if the information available is not current, That is to say that the data base should be an updated one. Reason being that the  available budget on hand may not be an ideal one when compared to the expectations of the client. What separates the ordinary from the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai is the ability to meet or even exceed the client’s expectations within the given budget.
Imagination is the key to good event management. Because an imaginative mind gives way to creativity which is the foundation for being unique and different. Bringing in the element of freshness is very important since in the long run that is what makes us stand out. A stale mind can never give way to new concepts. The challenge of creating something new each time is mind boggling and difficult. But not impossible.
What we do at Haritham is to get a broad overview of the clients requirements at first glance. Then through continuous interactions we try to delve into their specific interests and important likes and dislikes. Based on this we try to create new options which makes the event unique. Having the client’s personal touch to the event is extremely important. So a good amount of understanding of the client’s needs and taking it off from there is the crux of the matter.
The right attitude to work along with complete involvement and enthusiasm are very important in getting to reach the top as one amongst the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai.  At Haritham Events we are excited about every project as if it was our first one. Our attitude to work is not just to give it out best but to ensure to make an everlasting impression on the client so much so that they ONLY think of us with reference to all their events and in recommending us to others. Every assignment should be seen as not just a job that gives an opportunity to earn but as an opportunity to explore new options and learn something new that helps us progress better in our profession.
Event management is not just the process of setting things in place but to operate  smart and service the client in a manner that provides better value for money. For example even if an event is grandiose with a huge budget, there are aspects that need extra attention to make it successful. More often than not it is at the big budget events that things can easily go wrong. Hospitality is a point requiring great attention as the event gets bigger. As the guest list gets longer one must doubly make sure that each person is taken care of and provided for in the  best possible manner. Again large numbers can spell mayhem and even small aspects can be blown up into mega faults. So meticulous planning is required to make sure that not even a tiny detail is lost and everything runs smoothly as per clients requirements.  A tiny slip can be a cause of irreparable damage. On the brighter side a well executed event can earn a great name in the industry which helps you gain weight-age more  through word of mouth than any other source.
Another characteristic found amongst the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai is their ability to accept challenges. Never say die attitude helps in making us stand apart from the ordinary. A receptive mind with complete focus about the job on hand helps us source even the most difficult of items from its source. Great networking skills help us in connecting with the vendors across the country and identify talented artisans and workmanship and bring them to the fore.Providing the client with a lot more that what he expects is the trademark of a great wedding planner.
At Haritham Events – www.harithamevents.com – we also make an effort to do our bit to the environment. A Sense of Social responsibility needs to be there in us as wedding event managers.Weddings are events where a huge amount of resources are used in terms of disposable and non – disposable elements. A good amount of planning is required to ensure that there is no damage done to the environment and all efforts must be made to minimise wastage in any aspect. We always encourage use of eco friendly products and never hesitate to promote and convince our clients on the importance of doing away with plastics or anything that is not in the larger interests of society.
The hall mark of the top 10 wedding planners in Chennai is their ability to plan and manage any type of event with a touch of class. Big or small wedding planners need to be endowed with a lot of patience. Being a service industry expectations are always high. There is unending questioning on the modus operandi used at every stage and hence it is imperative to have great communication skills. AtHaritham Events – www.harithamevents.com – we consult the client at every stage and take them into complete confidence about our approach to the event. Complete transparency is maintained at every stage since we never believe in behind the scenes dealing. We respect the fact that we are spending the client’s resources and work by our conscience as if it were our own.
Think Wedding .. Think Haritham . We make a difference in every step. ..

Haritham – Making a Difference

Wedding and event planning in the past was a pretty simple affair in terms of putting together the various aspects related to it – all you needed was to have finances ready on hand. For example just as you had a ‘Family Doctor’ there was an ‘Aasthaana Cook’, a ‘Family Vadyar’ [ Purohit ], a ‘Family Photographer’, a ‘Family Jeweller’ and other similar service providers. There were known to the family for decades and were treated more like family members. They, in turn, only needed information about an event and would promptly land up to  take on their responsibilities and duties without much ado. If there was anything difficult about organizing a wedding about 50 years back it was mainly  to do with dealing with hospitality issues often raised by the grooms family or those related to dowry. As people moved out far and wide in search of their livelihood the concept of event organizing or event management has diversified multi-fold. With changing values and times these days it is all about how different or unique a function is. Choices are by far many in every area. Where there was just one vendor in the past for one service – some times the same vendor doubled up to provide a few more services too – now you have multiple vendors for a service, at times even specializing in detail on one aspect of a service. The best example we see now is in the field of catering – specialists  in Regional Indian delicacies / Milk Sweets / Chaats etc. So the entire concept of event management has taken a diverse meaning.This is both for the good and the bad of the industry. While it has promoted weddings / marriages into a multi crore industry giving jop opportunities for many, it has also led to cropping up of many less efficient, fly by night operators. It is every person’s dream to conduct an event in the most memorable manner in the least expensive way. This is definitely not wishful thinking if you consider the fact that you can still get the BEST within your budget if you know how and where to source. Customer is truly the king in the current scenario with a wide array of choices open to him. A competent Event Manager needs to not just manage things bit do so with a touch of creativity and exclusivity. If you believe that ‘Expensive’ is  ‘Class’ then only the rich could have classy weddings. Class does nt necessarily need to be obscenely grand. Class can be elegant, beautiful, simple and affordable. This is the USP of Haritham Events. To make it unique and affordable. To sustain amidst stiff competition an event manager must think out of the box. Thats what differentiates you from the herd. At Haritham we believe in being participative in every aspect of your event like our own. — We have expert gemologists on hand who can source the best of diamonds and jewelry for you. — Planning the return gift list can be the most harrowing experience for many. Not any more. At Haritham we can give you endless ideas on what to gift and where to source. — From beautiful Kanchipuram Silks to Silk Cottons straight from the weavers Haritham can provide you with options to choose from. — From expert Dermatologists to Orthodontists we  can help you with a complete make over. — Be it grooming the young couple for their new life ahead in terms of counselling or getting  the bride – to – be equipped to face culinary challenges or helping them set up a new home – be rest assured that we, as good wedding planners,  can help you out in every aspect. — We do not believe in wrapping up an event and quitting the scene. We look forward to a continued and cherished relationship with you and hence look for ways to help you in all avenues. We can help you organize your post wedding temple visits with appropriate food & hotel bookings. — Relocating after the wedding and need help in shipping your belongings? Not to worry. We will take care with efficient movers and packers. — Want to give midnight surprises or organize special parties for your loved ones? Look no further.We as , Event Planners, are there for you.  Nothing excites us more than giving your loved ones and you a – never – before – experience of your life time. — We firmly advocate being eco friendly and do not encourage wastage of any sort. And taking you into confidence we look forward to doing our bit to Go Green. — Apart from giving you various options we are ever ready to take on the challenge of a never – done – before concept. You only have to hint and we ll execute. The tougher the challenge the better we are at organizing it. From the simplest to the most extraordinary – we have no limitations or reservations to work with you. We love the work we do and nothing gives us a better high than a satisfied customer who is able to look back and reminisce that what was spent was well spent. A Client’s sense of pride about the event that we helped organize is what we look for. Professionally managed with a touch of the unique or unusual at the unexpected place is what makes an event memorable to all. Going the extra mile for our client is something we never hesitate about. For we clearly understand the sentiments and value attached to a life time event. This habit has been imbibed into us by habit – we do not consider ourselves as outsiders or event organizers. Every assignment is our own to cherish and give it our best shot. This we have a growing Haritham Family  – making us bigger and better every day! 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Event Management

H 1

The concept of Event Management has caught on like wildfire in the last few years. Anything new does face stiff resistance. Likewise the concept of hiring professionals to put together and manage anevent is also being scoffed at and resented by many. The scenario is not so  bad as far as theCorporate arena is concerned where time is the essence and the corporate management realizes the importance of professional competence as a vital ingredient in making an event successful.

Where Wedding Planning is concerned there is still a lot of skepticism in getting Event managersinvolved. Many fear the loss of personal touch and the likely rise in cost while budgeting an event. On the contrary many don t realize that when a Wedding is handled by an Event Manager the client has less to worry about with more time to interact with and take care of the guests. Moreover a lot of money is saved  since the best of services are made available for the client to choose from at his doorstep and in keeping with the client’s budget. There is less of stress and value for money. How?

An understanding of how the conduct of weddings has changed over the years will help in understanding the need for this transition better. In olden days the weddings were conducted in one’s own huge household in the village, with the rituals being spread over several days. Alliances were fixed within the family or by reference through common relatives or known acquaintances.

Family members from far and wide were present to pitch in and help in the purchase of  and making of  all arrangements.Friends and relatives readily lent their houses to accommodate the groom’s party extending hospitality services in every possible manner. The women folk participated actively and even the Seer Bakshanams were made at home in the back yard using huge ovens fueled by wooden logs –  however huge the number along with all the sweet meats and savories required for the wedding.

The family jeweler or ‘Thattaan’ made all the jewels. There were no beauticians or Mehndi artists and all the hair dos and mehndi was done by close friends or relatives. A camera was a rarity and hencewedding photos also scarce. Honey Moon meant visit to family temples and special poojas.  .

As people slowly moved out to the cities the traditions underwent a change. Houses could no longer accommodate huge crowds and hence Mandapams were rented. Cooks were hired but all items required were bought and given. Then the decorators came into the scene. Special Music troupes and bands were hired.  Then came the photographers & videographers with all their professional services. Travel agents came up with special honey moon packages. Hotels were booked for accommodating the groom’s party and other relatives. Then came the concept of service apartments.

As time passed specialized catering services have cropped up – North Indian, South Indian, Chinese etc.And slowly we are seeing the transition to specialized services in every avenue. Exclusive portals for matrimonial alliances have sprung up in huge numbers offering horoscope matching and all related services. Ever heard of specialized stall for Paan at weddings or customized Arathi Plates for display and use at weddings?

Although the length of the weddings has been brought down to a maximum of 2 days one sees  additional events cropping up like Mehndi & Sangeeth parties, Bachelor Parties, Post wedding dinners etc. The choice of vendors under each element has increased by leaps and bounds as people discover the huge financial potential for these services.

Weddings have also now become a platform to showcase one’s social standing and monetary prowess.

It has  reached a stage where the client is confused about what and where to choose from and many a time burns his fingers making the wrong choice. Plus the frustration of making time to source and decide on a service is a painful and stress filled exercise.

Enter Event Mangers

For a nominal fee an Event Management Company not only plans your wedding to the last detail according  to your  budget but also lets you enjoy the event, for the success of which you have slogged all your life. Plus one has the advantage of making the wedding or event unique.

Haritham Event was conceived with precisely this point in mind. As Event Managers we strive to make every wedding as different and unique as possible. For creativity sky is the limit. And weddings offer a huge canvas in which imaginative perspectives can be brought in giving /creating unforgettable moments for the client.

As wedding planners we are quite focused to ensure basic adherence to our rich tradition and culture. Haritham Events believes in adding that touch of class and excitement even to things that appear seemingly mundane and boring. A proper understanding of the various traditions helps us in suggesting appropriate alternatives  and options to the client.

Right from handling a big fat no – budget – constraint wedding to organizing a small and limited budget wedding,from temple weddings to destination weddings –  every assignment is a challenge to our creative faculty. And we love to face these challenges and bring out the best for you. At Harithamwe treat your event as our own and look to making a huge success out of it. At the end of the day we derive as much satisfaction as your happiness in putting up a show par excellence.

We spare no efforts in understanding your needs and matching them with the best available. Event Management is not just about bringing things together. It is doing so with your signature touch. You only need to communicate your ideas and we  do the thinking for you.

Once you come to Haritham Events there will be looking no further. We conceive , plan and execute your idea to the last detail. We believe in not just creating events but unforgettable memories !!

To Make Up Or Not To Make Up

To have make up done or not to have it and leave everything the natural way? This was a big decision to be taken about 50 years ago when the natural look was seen as the best way to look. Things are totally different now. It is now a decision purely about choosing the type of beautician you want.

As the D Day approaches every bride is anxious about looking her BEST. Even those who don’t opt for cosmetics in day to day life go ahead and book a beautician the moment the wedding is fixed. I should look great in the photographs – that’s the single thought running through a bride’s mind. As Wedding Planners one of the foremost questions we are asked by the bride is – Do you have great beauty specialists on your rolls?

But then the thought process stops with that. Most people seem to think that the beautician has a magic wand and can transform the bride into a princess with a few creams and the stroke of brushes. Sadly that is not so.

Over the recent years the art of Bridal Make up has evolved so much that it is now an elaborate process. It has gone now to the extent of even the grooms opting for beauticians and visiting salons on the wedding day – something unheard of 20 years ago. This is not just due to the array of choices available in terms of brands of cosmetics and styles but also the complication in skin textures due to pollution and inappropriate eating habits.

top wedding planners - about makeup
Top wedding planners chennai – to be or not to be series – about makeup

As wedding planners when clients approach us to suggest good beauticians to them, we run them through a number of questions to understand their requirement and only then suggest good professionals to them. One main point to understand about bridal beauty makeup is that the transformation cannot happen over night. If you are endowed with a great complexion naturally then you have no issues.

But if you have neglected your skin routine due to work pressure or due to other stress factors then your beauty regime should start a good three months ahead. Or from the say the date of your wedding has been fixed. A good, healthy diet and exercise regime too has to go hand in hand with your beauty treatments to give you the best results.

As Wedding planners we understand photography, lighting, the length of rituals and the mayhem surrounding the elaborate Indian Weddings. So we are in a better position to help you out with the best of advice as far as beauty tips are concerned. We will come up with a  series of tips for brides for all seasons.

Check list for Indian Marriage Registration

The check list of documents / items required for Marriage Registration

( Hindu / Muslim / Christian )

1. Age Proof For Both (the bride & groom) – Any one of the following:

2. Birth Certificate

3. Passport

4. School leaving certificate or Mark Sheet

5. Address Proof For Both – Any one of the following: Passport/Ration Card/Voter ID

Apart from these you will need:

i] The Wedding Invite
ii]Passport size color photo – 4 copies each
iii] Three Witnesses – Better if they carry their Ids as well as Passport Size Photographs with them as well.


If both the bride and the groom are not residents of the city where they are getting married or if one of then is a foreign citizen, then the wedding venue becomes very important.

The wedding can be registered under the Special Marriage Act.

One has to check with the concerned registrar office closest to the wedding venue one month ahead of the wedding date to finalize the details.

Notice of the intended marriage has to be given.

You will have to submit an application form and visit the office on the specified date.

If no objection for the marriage is received within 30 days from the notice, marriage will be registered.

Photostat copies of all documents is a must.

Think wedding.. Think Haritham Events

Buffet at Weddings – To Opt or not to Opt?


After extensive research, as wedding planners, we have realized that the option of a buffet is more often a blessing for the caterer and no one else. Buffet is an international concept borrowed and adapted to Indian settings and gained extreme popularity at weddings in the 90’s. Buffets are considered convenient to serve a large contingent of people say at a convention or business conference where constraints of space make this an easy option.

In the wedding circles buffet was initially introduced as a matter of style / fashion and being ‘In’ with the times. Gradually people found that it was perhaps easy to manage a large number of guests converging on to the dining hall all at once by offering a spread of dishes that they could serve themselves. Hence they began to opt for buffet.

As event managers we find that in India Wedding receptions are only mostly associated with buffet. Primarily because the morning Muhurtham lunch being a traditional one with specific dishes as a MUST cannot be adapted to the buffet style of eating. If it is dinner there is tremendous scope for innovation and bringing in variations in the menu.  Moreover the main wedding Muhurtham is mostly a close knit affair with just the immediate family and friends in attendance. So it is comparatively less crowded. A wedding reception on the other hand encompasses a wider gathering and if the wedding venue is not too big then buffet is the best option to be used.

A reception menu also allows you the freedom to experiment with cuisines. As wedding planners we are given a lot of freedom to suggest varied specialties for dinner by the client that includes chaat varieties, salads, desserts and a wider range in the main course options like Chinese and region specific cuisines.

While it is a good concept where a large gathering has to be managed, it has its disadvantages too. First of all most invitees are not too comfortable with the buffet system. The idea of carrying around a heavy porcelain plate for the better part of 30 minutes is not their cup of tea. More so with senior citizens who prefer to sit down and have their food.  Of course this problem can be rid by placing a few round tables in the hall but more often than not there is a clamoring for seats even from people who are a lot younger.

Young parents find it difficult to feed their children in this system. Ladies carrying hand bags or clutch purses find they have too much on their hands to handle. Long winding queues to get a morsel of food upsets quite a lot of people, making them even skip dinner at times.

The idea of buffet system was thought of being a blessing to avoid wastage of food since guests can choose what they like. But when the crowd gets a bit on the higher side the natural tendency of people is to get a little bit of everything on their plate for fear of having to wade through the crowd one more time to get a serving.

While patience is the key to enjoying a good buffet many do not possess it. If dishes are not refilled on time frayed tempers begin to rise. To make a success of a buffet dinner a few dedicated individuals need to supervise arrangements to see that the guests are comfortable. As Event planners we take special efforts to ensure that no guest leaves half hungry or frustrated with the experience.

Multiple counters offering the same dishes have to be strategically placed to avoid rush and congestion at a single spot. Also appoint an individual to count the number of plates being placed for the guests. Unless there is a track on the number there are bright chances of you getting duped by the caterers who will charge you for extra guests. As wedding planners we ensure that this coordination is done so that the client is not made to pay unnecessarily.

When you plan a buffet dinner for a family wedding or event think twice. Don’t opt for it to make a style statement. Decide on it after assessing the kind of crowd that you are inviting. After all at the end of the day you will want your guests to leave with pleasant memories because food is a very important part of Indian Weddings.

This makes them fill their plate with items which they may not like too much and go on to waste it. Again it is  a common sight to see plates, cutlery or food items  being dropped on the floor and cleaning measures have to be spot on to maintain a pleasant atmosphere.