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With all humility we would like to say that we are amongst the most respected and top Wedding Plannners / Wedding Event Managers in Chennai for our integrity as well as creativity in every step.

As wedding planners we take our job very seriously and feel that once the client seeks us out, the client should set aside all his / her worries about the wedding and should not be running around even for the smallest of elements.

Hence as wedding consultants we offer end to end services that would make you wonder if you are a guest yourself.

Right from planning a theme to organizing the Wedding – be it Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Cross cultural

Weddings, AryaSamaj weddings & destination weddings - we ensure we make it one of a kind for you !

We take care of:
  • wedding management
  • event management
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Venue for a wedding is like the foundation for a building. If the venue is comfortable and well equipped, then half the event can be considereddone. But targeting the right wedding venue without prior experience is like searching for a needle in a hay stack. It is that time consuming and energy sapping especially if there is a constraint on the available Muhurtham dates. Lots of time is spent in trying to identify a decent hall and enlist all facilities it offers and then decide.

This is where our services as Professional Wedding Planners come in handy. We can instantly tell you about the ideal venue and give you choices. We help you in making the right choice of Wedding Halls, Hotels, Resorts, Private Grounds, Beach Houses, School / College Grounds, Churches, Temples, Destination Weddings


Wedding invites reflect the client’s taste to an extent and is the first representation of the wedding to a host of relatives and friends. Hence it has to be careful chosen and worded to make an impression. In Indian weddingsthere are at least two type of cards printed at the minimum. So according to the client’s wedding we offer them a wide variety to choose from. And since our experience as wedding consultants stands us in good stead we can cater to any type - from the budget cards to exclusively designed never-seen- before cards.

In case of thematic weddings we can customize the wedding cards accordingly and also have the Return Gift Covers &Thamboolam Bags matched and coordinated with the designed invite.

In case you wish to invite a few guests personally but are unable to do so we take the onus the responsibility and execute it on your behalf in the most personalized manner.

Haritham Events undertakes Card designing & printing, Creative writing for invites, Personal Delivery of cards on Client’s Behalf, Couriering of gifts & cards, Create & Manage Social Network Pages, Video Teasers, Printing, Gift- Box Designing.


If there is one thing that speaks volumes of a wedding much after it is over, it is definitely food. If the food served is amazing, chances are that the guests will never forget your wedding. As Wedding Event Managers one point we like to stress is to avoid wastage of food. While our advice to you on catering will retain the factor of exclusivity we will at the same time sensibly guide you to choose a menu that is not a drain on your resources.

But if you are looking to stun your guests with the most exotic array of food we can stun you in turn with our options too.

Plus as Event Managers it is our duty to give you value adds in every possible way. Wedding venues have different levels most of the time in terms of dining area and the main function hall. Senior citizens and the physically challenged find it taxing to be moving around every time for their meals. We ensure that they are comfortably looked after and enjoy the outing.

We take care of Wedding Catering - right from a traditional Sadhya meal to a Multiple – Course International platter, from lip smacking specialties from each region to a customised menu fit for Royalty, from providing traditional sweets & savouries that is specific to each community to Specialised bakers of repute for exquisite wedding cakes, from traditional Arathi plates to decorative Engagement trays, providing A to Z of things required for various rituals in all types of weddings, from Thamboolam to exclusive Paan varieties, from organising SammandhiVirundhu to Thanksgiving Lunch / Dinners post the wedding, Home Catering prior to and post the events, Jain Food, dining facilities for Physically challenged and senior citizens at wedding venues.

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The décor creates the first visual impact in a wedding. While most venues have their own decorators whose services one is forced to use, at other times we can bring you the best in the business. How do you gain by our experience as wedding planners? We have a huge gamut of designs at our disposal and any of them can be replicated with modifications to suit the venue and your budget.

The best way to stamp our signature as wedding event managers is to create new themes and let the décor do the talking. We love the challenge of doing the - never – before – done concepts and create visuals that keep the viewers in awe. After all why do you even come to an event management company? It’s for this joy, isn’t?

Right from the invites to the bridal trousseau we can match and execute any type of themes.

We offer – Theme based Concepts, Mandapam Decor, LED Lighting, Flowers, Bouquets, Garlands, House Décor, Nuptial Room Décor, Bridal Jadai, Car Decoration, Oonjal Décor, Balloon Designers, Arathi Plates.


The most dreaded part for most clients when it comes to a wedding or a major life time event is deciding on the return gifts. While many want to do away with it considering the tedious process associated with it, no one wants to initiate it boldly. It is like “Who will bell the cat?” And so the long drawn process of buying and distributing the return gifts goes on.

As wedding planners one common factor we have observed is that every client wants their gift to be exclusive yet within a budget. If it is close relatives then apparels are the first choice. We sit down with the client for a detailed discussion on the numbers and types of gifts required and give you the best options.

Anything that is presented well is definitely remembered. We take care of packing the return gifts and where required we can home deliver too. In order to avoid confusion at the venue we can also have them distributed as per your instructions.

You may also want to thank a specific few post the wedding for the wonderful help rendered by them during the event. We arrange for beautiful Thank You gifts too.

Or distribute gifts to a few very important people who did not turn up for the event due to unavoidable circumstances. You only have to let us know and it will be done.

We arrange for - Return Gifts, Thank you cards, Trousseau Packing, Gift Packing for Relatives, Box packing for Reception gifts received

Photography & Videography

An important aspect of Wedding Event Management is to ensure that memories and moments of the day are beautifully recorded for posterity by offering the best in terms of Wedding Photography & Videography.

After all the food is consumed and all the guests have left what remain as memories of the day forever is the Wedding Photographs and videos. We ensure that we employ the best and have detailed consultation with the clients on the type of coverage required by them.

We arrange for Pre & Post wedding shoots, Wedding Cinematography and Wedding Montages or short films within your budget range. We have International Award Winning Photographers in our panel. One of our strong points asWedding Event Managers in Chennai is the end products that we deliver under this service head.

Albums provided are of International Quality and are widely appreciated. Wedding montages are a huge hit and we have clients giving us repeat references just on seeing our creativity and technical skills of the videographers we contract.

We offer: Bridal Portfolios, Photos, Videos, Albums, Pre / Post Wedding Shoots, Portraits, Photo Booths, Drones, Jimmy’s Jip, Live Web Cast, Web site Development

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Transport & Ticketing

You need to have no worries about trying to connect online and getting all the required tickets booked on time. All you need to is give us your list and we ensure your safe and enjoyable journey - be it through rail, road or air. In case of rail bookings we take good care of your gourmet needs too. Our long standing experience as Professional Wedding Planners helps us in making it smooth sailing all the way.

In the hustle an bustle of the run up to the wedding you don't have to worry about picking up guests and reaching them to their destinations. Your guests are ours too. You can be rest assured that they are well taken care of.

We take care of Pick up & Dropping guests, Valet Parking Services, Private Drivers, and Ticket Bookings


The essence of Indian Weddings is the hospitality that we extend to our guests. As Wedding Planners we ensure that every guest feels welcome and happy about being part of the event and has great, sweet memories to take back with them of your event.

When we say hospitality it includes Special & surprise welcome for the Bride / Groom and other important guests of the family. We can go to any lengths to make it grand and awesome.

If your guests have special needs in terms of food like no onion - no garlic or any other specifications we can take care of those too.

As for honey moon packages we could suggest a host of locations in India and abroad to suit your budget and preferences.

We Offer - Special Reception at alighting points, Service Apartments, Hotels, Guest Houses, Ushers/ Welcoming groups, Honey Moon Packages – National & International

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Music is an intrinsic part of Indian weddings whether it is the traditional Nadaswaram / Shehnai or the Band Baaja for the Baraat or the DJ's for an evening of dance or melodious concerts during the reception.

We bring you the best right from traditional Nadaswaram to Carol Artists to Qawwali groups, Carnatic & Light Music Concert Artistes, Fusion Artists / Groups, Band, Chendai Artists, Traditional Welcome Region wise, DJs, MCs, Traditional Dancers, Dandiya groups, Flash Mob Dancers, OonjalPaatu Artistes, Pravachana Artists, Choreographers & Priest Lectures

Bridal Services

Your wedding date is fixed and you are worried about your skin? You are too busy at work to take care of your physique and are feeling drained?

HarithamEvents will arrange for the perfect bridal package that will make you feel good and look great.

We would love to assist you right from picking your specially ordered Madisar from the Weavers at Kanchipuram to getting your veil designed by the best of fashion designers or getting your unique kind of Ghagra done by a specialised designer.

As wedding planners all details are taken care of to a 'T' . This includes not just Bridal shopping but Trousseau Packing as well.

We have a host of Mehndi& Tattoo Artists, Beauticians, Drapers for Madisar& other types of saris at our disposal

If you are looking for customised dresses the best of Dress Designers are available with us.

Jewellery Rental especially for the bride to match all her outfits is a time consuming affair if you do not find the right kind of person. Come to Haritham and you will never see a happier bride ever.

Miscellaneous Services

Beyond these there are loads of other things that you may have in mind and would want to indulge in. Haritham events can source even the tiniest of details for you.

Vintage Cars /Chariot / Horse/ Elephant to welcome the groom, Palanquin to bring in the bride, Fire Cracker Professionals, Pop Corn Stalls, Chocolate Fountains, Ice Carving, Vegetable Carving, Caricature Artists, Bangle Sellers, KiliJosiyam, Magicians, Child Play Area,Specialised Chefs, Chaat Counters, Facilitating Wedding Registration - you name it and Haritham Events shall get it done for you.

Life EventS

All arrangements related to Life Events like an Engagement to Haldi, Seemandham to Baby Shower, Ayushomam to Baptism, Sashtiabdhapoorthi, Sadabishegam and other landmark Birthday Celebrations, Golden & Silver Jubilee Anniversaries, Special Poojas with specialized cooking, All religious rituals prior to or post weddings, that are to be performed at home.

We are familiar with all the procedures / rituals that go with every event and we go forward at every stage after detailed discussions with you


Think Big Corporate Event... Think Haritham... We take care of all aspects of Commercial Product Launch, Promotional Events, Customer Meet - includes ticketing, hosting, travel arrangements, interiors, stalls, themes, handouts & brochures.

We go into enhancing your high calibre presentations with creative sound & LED / other light arrangements; provide with a wide range of cuisines to choose from; Creating the right atmosphere for fun & interactive Sessions, providing the fun and refreshing elements for Staff Cultural & Inter Branch Events; Taking care of Live Web cast, Video Conferencing and all other technical requirements; getting the right ambiance in place for great Family get together, memorable Annual Events are all something we do with great gusto and involvement.


Birthday Parties for Children & Adults that create memorable moments for life, Surprise Parties that you would like us to plan for your dear ones, Sangeeth, Mehndi, Bachelor & Bachelorette parties, Alumni Meets, Arangetram, Salangai Poojai, Cultural Events


A great amount of attention to detail in terms of the concept and purpose of the concert in terms of awareness to be created or funds to be raised. Brainstorming helps us understand your ideals and work towards fixing the perfect artists and correspondingly work on Printing Tickets, Publicity, Press, Sponsors et al towards making the event hugely successful.

Festivals & Other Events:

Apart from organizing Music, Dance, & Food Festivals we love to help you bring in new Concepts like Sand Artists, Opera Singers, Fashion Festivals and add uniqueness to yourevents.

Looking to do a charity Marathon? Think of us. Any sport / any discipline - we would love to promote and bring talent to limelight


Tour around our photo & Video gallery section, where you will not only experience the richness of the events but also get a clear picture of what we are capable of doing. Yes at haritham events, we make all your dreams & wishes come true. 
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Photostrophe Events - COLLECTIONS
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Photostrophe Events - COLLECTIONS
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Burj Al Arab, Dubai

About Us

YOU create the Event; WE create the Memories

Haritham Events- The top Wedding Planners in Chennai helps realize your vision into reality with the additional touch of creativity & class.

“Thinking well is wise; planning well, wiser; but doing well is the wisest and best of all”

At Haritham we think & plan well for every event. Hence Do Exceptionally Well.

As Wedding Planners we realize that Event Management is all about managing the two M's effectively - Money power & Man power.

In today’s fast paced world getting professionals to execute a well-planned event is no big deal. But what demarcates a successful event from a memorable one lies in adding a touch of class and exclusivity to every minute detail.

With a mind boggling array of options available for each service, a client is often at a loss of making the right choice that fits into the budget in mind.

Haritham Events has its foundation strongly etched on the ideology of

- Wedding Planners must work for effective utilization of resources to present an event with the client’s unique personal / signature touch added to it
- As Event Managers we want to break the notion that only grandeur spells success. Exclusivity can be brought through simplicity too is our mantra
- As professional wedding planners to find & deliver the best for every budget - big or small. Budget may restrict you. Nothing restricts our good performance
- As Wedding Consultants to ensure you sail through the event making it a stress – free enjoyable experience for you
- As Wedding Event Planners when you come to us you will have to look no further. Every requirement of yours will be met with, with no compromise on quality.

How different are we?

We are successful because to us Event Management is about creating unique & wonderful memories to last a lifetime. It is not about just putting things together and get it going
Planning an event – at short notice or otherwise – needs loads of co ordination and cross checking of minute details that leaves you stressed out and anxious on the D – day, not allowing you to enjoy the event that you took so much trouble putting up.

Wedding Event Management is all about letting you relax and allow you space and time to play the gracious host to a ‘T’.

Because as Top Wedding Planners / Wedding Event Managers in Chennai this is our business At Haritham highly talented professionals have pooled in their experiences to create a data base of services that is far sighted and covers a huge gamut of concepts.

We do not see an event in isolation but do a run through on all allied aspects, to deliver the best which helps ease the onus of responsibility from the clients head.

For example for a wedding we offer services of

- Gemmologists to select the best of diamonds for jewellery
- Dermatologists who can make your complexion match these diamonds
- Destination experts who can give the best of honeymoon packages for you
- Lifestyle experts who help in planning your trousseau & home shopping

As Wedding Planners, our strength lies in thinking ahead and thinking in detail. Proficient Event Directors are there with you right through – from planning to execution to wrapping up stage. So you know exactly what is happening.

We ensure that at the end of every event the client has the satisfaction of having transformed his dreams into reality with the least amount of effort and maximum enjoyment.

No more harried looking parents of couples or stressed out CEO s - Haritham is there to take care of everything.


We would love to get associated with you.

Haritham Events

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